The History of Mechan Controls

The Mechan Controls Timeline

2017 – Mechan changes hands Mabruk Farrah successfuly negotiates a takeover agreement and becomes the sole owner of Mechan Controls Ltd on the 31st May 2017.

2016 – Negotiations begin Mabruk Farrah, previously the Technical Director at Mechan Controls bids for ownership and begins negotiating a taker over agreement.

2015 – Company listed for sale The board decide that in order to grow Mechan Controls, new ownership was needed.

2014 – Nat West / UKTI Export Marketing award – Mechan Controls Won regional award from Nat West  & UKTI for marketing initiatives

2013 – Safety seminars – Mechan started a series of safety seminars around the country. Inviting engineers to come and learn but also to come and discuss the implementation and application of the new safety standards

2012 – HE Series – The introduction of the HE Series brings a combination of coded magnetic and robust solid state, shock proof safety switching together producing a low cost reliable safety switch.

2011 – Japan – Manufacturing giant AZBIL ( Previously Yamatake ) required a new supplier for non-contact safety switches. After several months discussions, meetings and very detailed quality audits Mechan was chosen as the new supplier.

2009 – Post Office – Mechan largest single contract to date just as the recession hit. 14,000 safety switches delivered in 9 months to the UK Post Office

2007 – USA – Second major private label agreement with USA’s leading safety company Scientific Technology Inc. Later to become OMRON STI

2003 –  USA – Mechan’s main target since 2000 was to establish a US distributor and network. Norstat Inc had plenty of experience from working with leading German safety manufacturers.

2002 –  Australia – Our furthest distributor Sentec Solutions appointed after meeting in Hannover

2001 –  Honeywell FRANCE – First private label agreement. Mechan manufactures the ISIS safety system for Honeywell.

2000 Mechan expand the product range to include Magnetic, Coded Magnetic and Standalone Electronic Safety Switches. With the introduction of MAGNASAFE, ISIS and SSS Mechan could now offer solutions to all non-contact applications from the simplest, Category 1 safety switch right up to the top of the range Category 4 electronic systems.

1999 - Wilfrid Boardman along with Mabruk Farrah and Matthew Bagley from Guardmaster along with the existing management continue the manufacture of top of the range electronic safety switches. The new team bring the experience to widen the product range.

1997 – Mechan introduced the F-SERIES Modular Safety System. This Category 4 electronic safety control unit was fully expandable to monitor 30 machine guards, had volt free and LED indication from each safety switch input, and the option of RFID safety switches with 500,000 codes, the F-SERIES quickly became the standard for reliability and security

1997 – Mechan introduced the all new CODEX – Digital safety system. With the option of up to 500,000 unique codes, CODEX offered even more security and reliability to electronic safety switching.

1993 Mechan introduced the MPX/DIN range. Industry standard DIN rail mounting Safety Control Units to monitor 4 or 8 RFID safety switches complete with LED and volt free contact indication for each safety switch. Making installation and fault diagnosis quicker and easier than ever before.

1984 Mechan introduced the compact MPX range of controls units. Compatible with all the original RFID switches, the MPX range reduced the panel space and costs required for larger systems.

1972 Mechan introduced the world’s first modular electronic RFID safety system. The Chassis ‘CH’ system proved so reliable and robust that thousands of systems monitoring between 1 and 30 gates were installed all over the world. Particularly in the canning making industries

1972 – Mechan Controls was established in 1972 to design and manufacture non-contact safety switches for the harsh conditions of the can making industry.